Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pattern Of 3 Large Cairns & Other StoneWorks

Pattern Of 3 Large Cairns & Other StoneWorks

This is the last post from the site I have spent the last 10 or so posts concentrating on.  I made sure that this last post of the site would contain some awesome works.

A split rock cairn in the foreground.  In the background are 3 large cairns lining up in a row:

The 3 large cairns seen from an angle:

Cairn #1:

Cairn #2:

Cairn #3:

The 3 cairns seen from a distance:

Behind the cairns is this stone mound;

The stone mound is enclosed by large boulders that look like they have been slightly modified/ worked-out:

A small standing stone incorporated into this cairn/mound:

Another view of the 1st pic, split-rock cairn:

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