Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Horizon Marker & Serpent Wall

Holliston MA. Horizon Marker & Serpent Wall

This feature is also close-by to the earthen mound site.  I am going to run more posts about the mounds and some of the other features of that area, which are exceptionally important.  Check this one out:

First, the stone marker from 3 different angles.  This reminds me of the Stone "Calender" (ie marker, standing stone, horizon mark, etc.) that is at Mystery Hill in New Hampshire.  An obviously worked-out and erected stone, narrowly escaping ruin from roadways and housing: 

Shot from behind the marker.  Note the 3 large boulders that are lined up & the wall in the background (snaking down a ledge): 

The wall that had run down from the ledge, now on the other side of the street: 

Running horizontaly from the wall going down the ledge is this other wall.  I believe the stone propped upwards at an angle in the foreground to be the head:

The stone placed precariously on the boulder is like a 'hump", also seen 2 pics back:

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