Saturday, November 22, 2014

Unique Megalithic Chamber W/ Standing Stones- Thompson, CT.

Unique Chamber W/ Standing Stones On Roof- Thompson CT.

Took another field trip to Thompson CT. with a friend to locate this chamber as well as other stoneworks which I will post up at a later date.  The chamber featured in this post is unique in that the roof of the structure has 3 Standing Stones on top of it, erected in a triangle alignment.  The roof and standing stones overlook a river valley.  This Chamber is located on a homeowner's private property and permission was obtained to look at it.  Check it out:

The entrance.  Note how the other stones were worked around the boulder on the ground:


A view from the inside:

Showing off the roof slabs that weigh many, many tons.  This is a trademark of the ancient megalithic chambers, indicating its deep antiquity.  If this was a colonial root cellar (and I have seen colonial root cellars before of which this chamber is not) than 1) there would be smaller stones in place of these larger, more enigmatic roof slabs; 2) All the stones, including by the entrance would be more "uniform" in shape and size- instead we see natural selection at these ancient sites working around the pre-existing features of the site and 3) Colonists don't explain the Standing Stones on the roof of this Chamber, but pre-colonial/ ancient culture does explain the Standing Stones. 4) With colonial root cellars there is evidence of colonial stone quarrying techniques.  There is no such colonial quarrying evidence at these older megalithic chambers, such as the one featured in this post.  I figured I would state some of these points for anyone viewing this post who hasn't done their proper research.  Now, let's get back to the beauty of this stone structure.

So, here are the roof slabs:  

Outside the Chamber, an interesting stone-work, part of a wall connecting these boulders.  I have seen identical work to this in Milford, MA:

The Standing Stones.  I tried getting a shot of all 3 in 1 pic, but there was too much new growth and shrub in the way:

Close-up of Standing Stone #1, over-looking the river valley:

Standing Stone #2:

Standing Stone #3:

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