Monday, November 17, 2014

Stone Mound & Cairn Site

Stone Mounds & Cairns In Stone Wall Enclosure

Stone Mound w/ the stone wall in the distance:

Close-up of a section of this stone mound:

Close-up of a noteworthy feature of the wall (the marked-out boulder):

From another angle.  Some things to look for when determining the origin of the wall (pre-colonial Native or non-native) that is apparant at this particular site is- 1) it encloses Native American stone mounds and effigy cairns, 2) the boulder which seems to have been worked-out is incorporated into the middle of the wall, not serving a "practical" (to colonists at least) function- to Native American cosmology yes, it does serve a function. 3) as seen in this picture, the wall is not straight right here, it meanders and unjulates on purpose- a colonist or later person would not have built a wall like this.  For more on "Native Wall Features" see my post from Sept. 2014:  

A second large mound close-by to the other one:

A third stone mound:


Niche spot:

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