Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Snake Den- Hopkinton MA.

The Snake Den in Hopkinton MA.

The entrance of the Snake Den.  We can also see a stone wall (that runs through all the ledges of this area, many of which feature propped boulders on the ledges) that runs into the entrance of the stone den, terminating at this ceremonial spot (only to pick up again behind the ledge):

A closer view:

This is the section of stone wall that eventually runs into the entrance of the den.  Note the boulder incorporated into the wall.  If people cannot see that this is ancient, they must be braindead:

More of the entrance:

Up close we can see a cubby-hole niche to the right.  This is where I believe the snakes used to live before the white man:

More of the ancient stone wall that runs into the entrance of the stone den.  Above on the ledge in the background we can see one of the propped boulders from the last post: 

This was the back entrance of the den, above on the ledge where the structure is located: 

Next to the back entrance is this Rocking Stone.  The stone was perhaps used to induce trance-like states when communicating with the Snake Spirits, or perhaps to calm the snakes themselves when people would come to this place.  I can only speculate this, however, but this is my sense and interpretation of this spot:

I not only base my belief that this was a Snake Den from the physical evidence, but from traditions and accounts I have gleaned from meidine traditions of other tribal nations in North America, as well as research of a similar Snake Den in South Africa that was researched by Michael Tellinger.  

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