Thursday, November 13, 2014

Turtle/Bird Solar Observatory Enclosure Boulder

Turtle/Bird Solar Observatory Enclosure Boulder

This is incorporated/nearby to the Earthen Mound site.  The boulder, a Manitou, which is slightly modified and worked-out ever so subtlely is on top of a small knoll where Earth, Sky, and Water meet, a ceremonial spot.

A view of the boulder-enclosure looking out towards the horizon.  Note that from this angle the boulder is worked out representing a turtle: 

Below the stone enclosure the brook opens up and runs through the area:

Close-up of the beak/ head profile, which is aligned with the energy of the sun:

The sun's energy.  I would like to give thanks:

View of the stone enclosure from the other angle.  From this side the fact that it is an enclosure is more obvious, and it also looks more bird-like, probably an Eagle or a Thunderbird.  When inside the enclosure you are "under it's wing."  Note how the boulder has been worked-out, again, most noticeably by the profile of the bird's-head.  This is to get the angle and alignment of the sun/solar observation.  I also think the dual bird/turtle symbolism represents a polarity- upper-world and under-world, again this is at a point where sky, earth and water meet:

Showing off the stone calander/ horizon marker (from a few posts back) that is down the street.  Without modern housing and the tree-line this point actually lines up with the stone enclosure and serpent wall, probably a solstice point:


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