Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Animism + Triangular Stone Shape

Animism + Triangular Stone Shape

The traditional world-view of Native people before religions such as Christianity were introduced was the concept of what people have loosely termed 'Animism.'  Animism is what defined people's perceptions of both the inner and outer worlds of the reality (ie 'universe') we live in.  Although there are divine spirits or A Divine Spirit, the traditional concept is that everything has a spirit, energy, or "breath of life."  This includes everything in the natural world, including stones, etc.

For instance, in the Native culture, a triangular or pyramidal shape, in the form of an effigy or petroglyph represented(s) alertness or awareness.  Therefore, what I have come to notice in looking at stone sites is that when I see a triangular/ pyramidal shaped stone in a indigenous stone wall or cairn, I have come to interpret this stone as expressing the idea of alertness/ awareness (a heightened state of awareness.)  This same concept can also be found on pottery, ornaments and such as well, to reference better known examples than the stone works.  In other words, the stone has been shaped out or selected to represent the spirit of a certain high ideal of much value and reverence.

The boulders have spirits too, which is why so many of them have been deliberately perched into certain positions on ledges, crests of hills, balanced and stacked.  This "megalithic" work is directly interacting and working with the forces of the natural environment.  Boulders can also be shaped out to express ideas.

Animism focuses on the spirits and energies of the natural environment/ universe.  For instance, the Earth itself is alive.  This is why many people use the term "mother earth" or "earth mother" to describe the Earth.  She is a living planet, and the source of our life/ creation (or at least manifestation).  Since the Earth manifests the creation of all life on this planet, of course she is a woman.  We are all born from a woman.  In altered states of consciousness (more on this in a forthcoming post), in which there are many ways to attain such a state, even including soberly (although one has to work for it if done soberly), we may experience glimpses of Her organic white light.  To lend a term from the Old World of the Mediteranian/ North Africa, this interaction leads us to a state of Gnosis (where the word "knowing" comes from.)  That is, knowing from direct experience and interaction.

The point is, that if the Earth itself is alive, than everything on the Earth is an expression of the spirit of Life itself, therefore, having a spirit of it's own.  The Wikipedia article on Animism is linked here- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animism

One last thought to express.  And I hope I will not sound "doom and gloom" when I say this.  But it is an important issue to address.  All life on Earth has spirit, and is sacred.  However, we do live in an industrialized and technocratic world.  At least for the most part of the 'hustle and bustle' of most people's day.  There are radio and satellite signals constantly bombarding us in the atmosphere for instance.  We cannot see it, but it is there.  I would warn that these radio and satellite effects are harmful to the human organism as well as all living life on this planet.  Cancer rates have become high and are increasing.  This is by no accident.  These satellite and radio waves are actually bombarding us from the upper atmospheres and in the case of satellite, from space.  Therefore, this is an extra-terrestrial threat in origin (the satellite is merely an instrument that broadcasts the frequency of the extra-terrestrial band of waves).  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  If you own a cell phone, only keep it on reserve.  Do not even have it in your room when you sleep at night.  During the day, do not keep it in your pocket, it will give you testicular cancer.  Stay away from all Smartphones and IPhones.  These are actually all points to take seriously.

Another point to make is about plastics.  It is true that the components for making plastics, tin, etc. come from the natural world, but the ingrediants have become mutated in the process.  This is a perfect example of what may happen to other forms of organic life in order to survive the threat of a great industrialist/ technocratic age- we will become mutated to survive.  Perhaps technology would play a role ("transhumanism").  But be warned, this is a dark, dark path to go down should people choose it.  It would mean total abandonment of our relation to the natural world and in the process people would become something "else."

I hope I did not sound too doom and gloom with those last thoughts, but I feel they should be expressed for others to take into consideration.  Hopefully something could be done about it.  It is a shame that we look to the frontier of technology before even becoming aware of the nature of our true selves and potential in the natural realms, which would connect us back to "source" or Spirit.  I suppose that would be my message/ concern concerning these last thoughts.

Here are some examples of triangular/ pyramidal shaped stones intentionally placed into key spots of stone wall complexes:

At a different site location:

Example of boulders worked out into the pyramidal shape:

An obelisk shaped standing stone of ancient origin:



  1. Sometimes that triangle can be a tree, sometimes seen in other Indigenous media such as a wampum belt: http://www.onondaganation.org/culture/wampum/hiawatha-belt/
    Also: You can't get funded to research cell phones and a cancer connection in the U$A...

    1. Thanks, Tim. It is obvious to my observations what you are saying-- that the triangular stone shape has it's equivalent in the tree shape on wampum belts, in pictographs/ glyphs, etc. The stones in this sense (walls, cairns) haven't been fully recognized for what they are as we both know.