Tuesday, November 10, 2015

StoneWorks- Magomiskook Ledge

StoneWorks- Magomiskook Ledge

The following is a 'modern' stone-works site located on a partially quarried ledge.  The view-shed here is fantastic and is in the same area as many of the recent previous posts.  Before the quarrying, this ledge was probably a great look-out spot among the Magomiscock ledges.  There is also evidence of the Native Ceremonial Stone Landscape all around the ledge in all directions, such as a terraced hill-side cairn field and some interesting stone walls below the ledge, partially disturbed by quarrying (most people would just see the modern quarrying without looking further.)  When at this ledge, words such as "healing," "good energy" and "perseverance" come to mind.     

A six-foot tall obelisk Standing Stone that is greater than a person's shoulder width.  This is at least a summer sun-set Marker from one angle.  An impressive standing stone, but in this case probably modern, indicated by the quarry markings:

Stone Cairn-tower w/ hollow middle:

Stone wall enclosure:

U-Shaped stone enclosure w/ roof (branches):

Another enclosure seat:

Another Standing Stone.  Missed the destruction in this case:

Stone bench row, also dually a crescent shaped serpent row.  The stone on right is the start of the serpent's head.  Note this is before the six-foot tall stone obelisk was erected (seen lying in the back):

End of the serpent row in the for-ground:

roofed cairn & standing stone:

'stone head' profile:

U-Shaped Enclosure:

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