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The Stones Have Conciousness

The Stones Have Conciousness

I know that this isn't really what some people want to hear, but I could care less.  After much looking into these matters, in this case from more of a holistic perspective rather than data collecting (etc.) I can only conclude that some of the stones- such as Standing Stones, (also perched boulders and boulders that have been manipulated into place, and smaller stones such as triangular shaped stones in walls/ cairns) have a certain/ special kind of high conciousness.

I would call these stones "talking" stones or "transmission" stones.  They take on a certain energy and even conciousness, a kind of intellegence all their own.  Some researchers do use technology that has recorded off-the-charts magnetic anamolies at such stone sites before.  

Take a Standing Stone for instance- suppose a tip was worked out at the top of the stone (which would usually relate to a higher principal such as tracking astronomical events on the horizon- the ancient science of astrology practised by our ancestors in every part ofthe world-), and certain areas of this Standing Stone may be smoothed out, such as the center of the stone.  Next, the Standing Stone may be perfectly erect or it may be slanted to the left or right side.  If several more of these Standing Stones are found in an area, uniquely different but worked out in the same style, such as along a range of hills as is the case with Magomiskook (Milford, MA.) than we have to conclude that we are looking at horizon/ astronomical markers, to name some of their special functions.  

Of course, the interaction between the men and women who polished/ worked the stone over must have been extremely profound, as well as the succesive interactions between their descendants and these sites/ stones (which is why Ceremonial Stone Landscapes is an important issue.)  The point is, that the memory of these places is still alive.  The primordial memory never leaves us or goes away although it may be illusive.  Look at the water cycle for instance, the Earth never really loses water, it just evaporates and forms back into the clouds, eventually to populate the Earth once more, although this process may take a while.  The same is true with anything involving life and energy.

Let me give you another example- when my father passed away in an accident several years ago- he was in the Shenendoa Mountains of Virginia and I was in bed in Massachusetts, about 5:45 am or so.  Yet when the accident occured that resulted in my father's passing, I felt a surge of energy and my father's presence very strongly, he even spoke to me in a very spiritual way, which resulted in me jolting awake.  Without words or any material stimulous, I knew what had happened, because my father had let me know, his spirit had come to me.  When the phone rang almost 2 hours later (on an early Sunday morning) I already knew what the call would be about because of the earlier "out of body" (if you could call it that) experience (calling it a premonition wouldn't be correct either- this is much more than a premonition).  Furthermore, my father has visited me several times over the years in my dreams- this is not just something that I am dreaming up, this is my actual father, his spirit, his divine conciousness actually visiting me while I am in a dream-state (I remember alot of my dreams and am a lucid dreamer, as well as having occasional out of body experiences.)  

But back to the stones.  Some of these stones were specially shaped out, long ago in pre-history, and they played a role as intermediaries between people and their experience in the greater universe.  The stones still carry this memory.  I would even go so far as to say that if some of these stones were used to track solar events, as astronomical calanders, as celestial markers, etc. than these stones still carry a very high level conciousness- their purpose is known.  The implications of this is very important.  Some modern people may not accept this, but that's okay.  It is even possible that people who interact with such sites can transmutate their mind/ body (look and feel younger, have a clearer mind, etc.)  This is another reason why these sites need to be preserved- most obviously for their cultural value, but what exactly are the implications of cultural value?  If we lose this, than we lose a part of ourselves. 

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