Monday, October 19, 2015

Unusually-Shaped Stone In the Hills Of Milford, MA.

Unusually-Shaped Stone In the Hills Of Milford, MA.

There is an unusually-shaped stone I noticed near the bottom of a ledge in the hills of Milford, MA.  This is in the same area where I have been noticing many Standing Stones.  This stone could almost be called a Standing Stone, but is uniquely different.  I think that this particular stone is meant to be "read" or "interpretted" much like one would interpret markings on a stone or a petroglyph.  What came to my mind when looking at this stone was two possibilities- 

1) "Two Peaks."  A high canyon peak and a smaller hill/ mountain, or 

2) The likeness of a creature of some kind, almost like a dinosaur.

There is a nice cairn site on the hill-side below this stone, which even has some nice enclosures in it, although quarrying has destroyed some of this site.  Above where the stone is located are several more cairns, and the view-shed with the Standing Stones that was featured a couple posts back.  Directly above this stone is a partially quarried ledge, although some original boulder replacements remain on this ledge, and there are some modern stoneworks on this ledge that were built from the rubble of the quarrying, such as a serpent row around a campfire which dually serves as benches, and some U-shaped structures.

But back to the stone that this post is about.  The "Unusually-Shaped" Stone.  This was found lying flat but I propped it up to show it off:

A stone row that the stone seems to be a part of.  Above this row lies rubble from quarrying on the ledge, as well as some old and modern stone-works.

The stone featured in this post was definitley shaped-out.  The question is, what exactly does it represent or depict.  If anyone has any ideas please let me know your opinions in the comments section.

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