Thursday, May 19, 2016

Spirit Stone Stacked Boulder

Spirit Stone Stacked Boulder

The fact that this picture showed up at all in my e-mail is amazing.  As I have described before, my e-mail has not accepted any new pictures from my phone in months, which is why the picture content of this blog has slowed down.

Concerning stones there are other realities or realms coinciding with the every-day/ mundane realities that most do not perceive.  "Spiritual realms" so to speak.  As I talked about a few posts back, indigenous rock art, stone building, rock pile and stone row sites, etc. is in some ways (perhaps an under-statement) inter-related to this concept, a subject we will explore further in another post.   For instance, why would a person, or a group of people construct a "serpent row" of stones if they did not perceive a specific energy or experience around the site in the first place.  Also see one of Peter Waksman's latest posts on his Rock Piles blog about "The Origin of the Word Goof or Goofing" here- 

This Stone Spirit is located in Milford, MA.  At this time I do not have the other pictures of nearby rock piles and stone walls that goes along with it.  But this is a very significant feature in and of itself.  The boulder is a Rock Stack on top of a small hill or ledge, perhaps even a mound.  I see the Rock Stack as a Guardian Spirit, watching over the site.  Notice the facial profile in the rock- the clearing away for the facial feature, the eye slit, nose, mouth slit, etc:

Also for comparison, at the other end of town in Milford, MA., is another Guardian Spirit Stone I have documented that is very identical in nature to the above picture.  The post is linked here:

Pictures 1 and 4 are the Guardian Stones I am talking about specifically, which I will show again here:

More Milford MA. Spirit Stones from the other end of town:

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