Sunday, May 17, 2015

More Stone Features Around Brook/ Pond Of Milford, MA. (Pt. 2) (More Stone Faces)

More Stone Features Around Brook/ Pond Of Milford, MA. (Pt. 2)

Note that this is within the "Greater Echo Lake Area" as I call it (Hopkinton, Milford, Holliston, Ashland, parts of Medway, Southborough, etc.)  A link to a post on the Echo Lake Stone Structure here- 

Stone Face 1 up on the hills over-looking the water/ grounds.  Note the triangular forehead/ crest, perhaps a top-knot hairstyle or maybe just the features depicted on the stone face for whatever reasons.  The face is very proud and content, a silent but powerful spirit over the grounds for ages-

An altar-stone or cap-stone capping an ancient man-made constructed mound-

Split boulder-

Stone face 2, definitly more triangular features.  Same type of white stone as Stone Face 1-

Rock- on rock above the brook-

On the shore of the brook is this amazing protruding boulder jutting up.  I climbed to the top of it for a nice view.  Very energetic.  View A-



D- a knocked over Standing Stone at the foot of the protruding boulder (base on the left, tip on the right)-

Another effigy worked out from a boulder and balanced on a small ledge on the shore of the brook.  Looks similar to the smaller balanced effigy from the same general area featured last post.  Turtle or bird-like:

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