Sunday, May 10, 2015

Gungywamp (CT.) Pt 1- Propped Boulders & Ledge Features

Gungywamp (CT.) Pt 1- Propped Boulders & Ledge Features

On top of a ledge, an arrangement of propped boulders-

Stone platform at the foot of a propped boulder-

Stone wall running around the ledge-

The stone wall continues towards these 2 propped boulders-

More propped boulders on the ledge (with stone wall running between) lining up in a row-

More stone wall in the ledge-

Propped boulder overlook A-


Large stone slab/ altar ("table dolmen") propped up on a ledge-

Propped boulder over-hang A-



Stone wall running into a ledge, view A-

B- (looks like an old habitation spot)-

Small rock shelter-

A very powerful looking boulder outcrop over-hang.  These boulders were possibly placed-

Native profile face stone worked out on a ledge. (see my recent post from Sherborn MA. for a similar profile face over-looking a ledge)-

Worked-out platform on the ledge next to the profile stone-

Stay tuned for Gungywamp Pt 2.

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