Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lynn Boulders & Dolmens Pt. 1 - Phaeton Rock + More From Same Ledge

Lynn Boulders & Dolmens Pt. 1 - Phaeton Rock + More From Same Ledge

Lynn is located in the Massachusetts North Shore.  The high ledges in Lynn give a good over-look of the coastal in-let.  Probably the most researched boulder in Lynn through the years has been Phaeton Rock which is a stunning dolmen on a ledge.  Sadly, there has been nearby blasting and construction on the surrounding ledges which prompted the neighborhood residents and the town of Lynn to put up cement and wooden supports around the dolmen for fear of safety.  Unfortuneatly this ruins the ambience of the dolmen.  The town of Lynn should never have let developers destroy any of these ledges.  Phaeton Rock, as we will see in this series of posts from Lynn is not a stand-alone structure.  There are many boulder alignments, arrangements and dolmens all over the place running through the whole series of ledges, and a great deal has apparently been irreversibly destroyed. 

I will first present what the dolmen Phaeton Rock used to look like from pics I found around the net-

These are now my pictures from 2015-

Cement poured around the pedastal stones-

Phaeton Rock at a distance-

Located around the same ledge as Phaeton Rock is this boulder over-hang on a ledge.  I believe this boulder to be placed by the work of man as well- it even resembles it's neighbor Phaeton Rock although it is not a dolmen.  View A-

View B (there is a small enclosure spot at the foot of this ledge)-

Some more boulder placements and alignments around the same ledge as Phaeton Rock & the Ledge Over-hang-

In the distance, on the next adjacent ledge from this boulder placement is where the construction was happening- you can see the water-tower in the distance.  This adjacent ledge is what will be covered in pt. 2 of this series and the remaining boulder structures on that ledge were still jaw-dropping.  I was more impressed by this second ledge than by the Phaeton Rock ledge.  So stay tuned.  

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  1. There are several moraines in the area that offer an impressive array of perched boulders.