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Milford MA. Along A Brook Pt. 3- Stone Wall Features

Milford MA. Along A Brook Pt. 3- Stone Wall Features

Alot of stone walls in the woods of this area are perfect examples of pre-colonial stone walls- running alongside brooks, up steep ledges no farmer would settle, leading to openings or underground rooms in bedrock, enclosing areas with large stone mounds/ effigies and cairns, alongside swamps, etc.  The walls themselves seem "archaic" and are not constructed in the way a colonial or later person would build a wall (which is more of a "boxed" shape).  

The statistics support that many of these stone walls are probably pre-colonial in origin.  In the late 19th century when the survey shows more stone walls in this region than can go around the circumference of the Earth ten times, the case for pre-colonial stone walls has to be taken seriously.  We are looking at walls that must have taken thousands of generations of a continuous tradition to build.  Not to mention the walls themselves usually have manitou/ effigy stones and many other unusual characteristics about them- gaps or wind holes that had a ceremonial significance etc.

This section of the wall is on the upper banks of the brook, perhaps retaining the water during a different time when the water tables were higher.  The wall also seems to be "fortifying" the hill.  In fact, this hill is not an esker or a drumlin, or another formation created by glacial activity.  The hill is also capped with "intellegent" boulder placements (not glacial erratics.)  Therefore, this whole hill that the wall fortifies could be an artificial hill of stone and earth (a giant NorthEastern Indian Mound.)-

Some of the placed boulders that cap the hill-

Off to a different section-

Unusual boulder formation next to the wall-

This is the end of a stone wall section over-looking the pond.  The end boulder/ termination stone is specially placed & unusually shaped-

Nearby section of the wall leading up to another unusually shaped boulder-

Close-up of boulder-

Split in the boulder-


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