Friday, May 22, 2015

Agassiz Rock & Boulder Arrangements- Manchester, MA.

Agassiz Rock & Boulder Arrangements- Manchester, MA.

  This is the rock that is featured on the cover of the book Manitou by Mavor and Dix.  It is a large boulder that is propped up, located on a ledge with a spectacular over-look/ view-

Agassiz Rock from different angles-

Note the gap/ niche and the triangular shape of the wedged stone-

Here is the cover of the Mavor and Dix book.  This pic looks perhaps inverted, and they definitly had better success with lighting than I did, they probably picked a better time of year to visit the site-

Looking down, here is the trail that leads up to the ledge with the boulder placements-

More boulder placements lined up and a view of the ledge over-look:

Visible prop stone under boulder A-

Grand view-

More placed boulders-

Large collapsed Standing Stone on the ledge amongst the boulders, about 10 feet in length:

Large boulder out-crop located along the trails-

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