Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sherborn Sites Pt 8- More Stone Wall Features

Sherborn Sites Pt 8- More Stone Wall Features

A triangular stone propped up and placed on a stone wall running through ledges.  I have seen similar triangular-shaped stones in walls before, some have been featured in this blog before.  These triangular stones seem to function as a focal point-

Archaic-looking stone wall running up a steep ledge, land that was never used for colonial or later agriculture or farming (although there were colonial estates nearby but in such cases these stone walls were already on the land, probably for thousands of years.)-

A nice curve in this wall as it descends down a slope- 

Boulder in the wall (stones running into, or from, the boulder)-

This wraps up my series of Sherborn, MA. sites for now although I will post more Sherborn sites in the future.  Stay tuned for my up-coming series of posts on Gungywamp in Groton, CT.  Also stay tuned for some more "major" sites coverage including some of South-East New England's premier Propped Boulder arrangements/ megaliths in Lynn and Manchester MA. 

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