Saturday, May 30, 2015

Serpent Ledge + Stone Block Ruins Of A Structure

Serpent Ledge + Stone Block Ruins Of A Structure

This site is around what I call the Greater Echo Lake area (alot of sites on this blog so far are) but for now that is as specific as I will get.

On a high point with a nice over-look (although the modern tree line is a bit in the way) is a large boulder ledge that appears to be propped up and modified.  The boulder is smoothed and "slender" and appears to be placed into position on top of other stones.  There is an obvious eye-slit worked into the stone and the features clearly depict a serpent.  Have a look.

The Great Serpent:

The view from the over-look.  With-out the tree line this would have been a very magnificent spot:

Some examples of collapsed Standing Stones around the foot of the Serpent (the base of this Standing Stone is to the right, the tip to the left):

Also at the foot of the ledge are these blocks of stone strewn about.  There are no quarry markings on them indicating their possible great age.  These blocks were worked and shaped out without colonial or later technology it looks like.  In context with the sheer amount of pre-colonial stone-works in this area this is not surprising.  The remains of a stone structure at the foot of a Serpent Ledge:

Nearby at the foot of the large ledge all this is located around is this stone ring petroform/ altar that I featured in this blog "petroform examples" back in September 2014:

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