Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sherborn MA. Sites Pt 6- Propped Boulder Sites

Sherborn MA. Sites Pt 6- Propped Boulder Sites

Site 1 of this post.  The profile of a great chief (sachem) or maybe a deity, from great antiquity, propped up on a ledge over-looking a valley-



C- below is this placed boulder, which is a worked-out platform that a single person can stand upon which is behind the profile boulder.  One can imagine a person of great renown addressing a crowd below, or perhaps just over-looking the country-side.  From below a gathering of people (perhaps returning to a village site after a seasonal excursion?) would not only see the person on the ledge but the profile rock as well.  In this way the speaker (or person) on the ledge had the "authority" (blessing) to speak/ perform ceremony at this site (an ancestral "thing", a place of transmission, for instance, how many "old world" people all over the world will say "I speak for such and such as my father and his father did before me..." well, this is the indigenous roots of such a thought process that is embedded in the human psyche- so yeah, this is much more than just a rock we are looking at here, and it should be noted this goes back to a time when everything was done in a sacred manner.  Just some thoughts on this one)-


Site 2- a semi-ring of propped boulders on a high ledge-

This boulder is split with stone fill, propped on the edge of the ledge.  Looks like a turtle's or bird's beak coming out of the ground-

Another propped boulder, the profile of a deity (note the mouth, nose, etc.)-

Another sem-ring of propped boulders at this site-

Site 3 of this post.  Bird/ turtle prop-

On the high point of the knoll.  Propped boulder with a strong orientation-

Site 4-

Site 5 of this post.  A boulder that perhaps had a spiral foot-path leading up to it.  The boulder seems worked-out so one could easily walk on top of the boulder, again, in a spiral formation- 

B- the other side of the boulder reveals that offering stones were laid down around it-

Site 6- a shell-like boulder that has been propped up-

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