Friday, July 3, 2015

Another Quick Summer Solstice Alignment

Another Quick Summer Solstice Alignment

In Milford, MA. off the new bike trail.  ("Rail Trail/ Upper Charles Trail.)  Setting sun solar alignment with the boulders:

The boulder in the back, almost looking like a large standing stone (the tip of the boulder has been worked out to give the boulder such a "unusual" shape) is radiating, as the setting sun a few days after the summer solstice sets in the sky, the boulder being in the path of the setting sun:

I sat on top of the boulder and watched the sun go down for a while.  After the sun had gone down some more I took this close-up of the boulder:

There are more boulders in this whole general area, in the circumferance of quite a few miles that all line up as well.  See my "Megumiscock (Magomisquog)" series of posts from last winter for an example of what I am talking about, as that site is nearby to this.  Again, without modern development we are looking at a continual modified landscape ("low impact" development by Native peoples- and by that I mean they worked with what they had instead of blowing everything up to high hell-) where many stone features can still be seen to this day. 

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