Thursday, July 9, 2015

Special Cairn Field & StoneWorks Site Pt. 5- Frog Effigy Propped Boulder, Stone Bench Dolmen At Edge Of Vernal Pool

Special Cairn Field & StoneWorks Site Pt. 5- Frog Effigy Propped Boulder, Stone Bench Dolmen At Edge Of Vernal Pool

I did alot of clearing around this boulder, especially slowly with my bare hands (this was the standard way I cleared through the general lot.)  This boulder, which eventually revealed itself to be a propped boulder in the form of an effigy was almost totally buried except for the top part where moss can be seen.  There were several trees growing on top of it that I cut down with a hand saw, and to get the roots I needed to dig around the boulder to expose and loosen the deep roots.  After I cleared the larger tree roots away I finished clearing around the boulder with my hands.  At times I even thought that I might be turning into a bear.  I even kept my kung fu training in mind, which in turn served to facilitate and venerate my custodial duties, as I cleared away many large heavy piles I made of saplings, and trees that I cut to pieces, as well as thorns, making sure to challenge myself with the weight of the load, burdening myself to haul heavy loads away from the site location.  I balanced the loads on my shoulders and the top of my head, making sure to apply as much pressure to my head as I could bear, challenging myself, helping to condition this part of the body (many kung fu exercises focus on conditioning different areas of the body- iron palm conditioning for instance, springing legs drills, etc.)  Before I cleared this area of the woods you couldn't even walk through there.  Now there are paths and significant parts of the stoneworks has been cleared, and not only have I seen deer and turkey but now fox, coyote and bobcats have returned as well, and the birds have come back to this site to nest in the taller trees, as it is opened up for their flight, and whenever I am back there during the day they seem to be chirping now and swooping around.  There is even one or two hawk nests in the tall pines.  This took up my spare time for a couple of years, even in the winter if there wasn't any significant snow.

Like I said there was clearing around this boulder which revealed it to be a propped boulder effigy.  The boulder is placed above a small vernal pool.  In this picture you can clearly see the beak or snout of an amphibian creature such as a frog or turtle worked out in the stone as well as the other facial features such as mouth slit.  You can notice where the stone was cut to give it such an effect, definitively showing this boulder was chiseled out, if ever so slightly modified:

A fuller view of the boulder.  The boulder is propped on top of a smaller stone slab.  Note the unusual blue stone with a slit in it that was found at the base of this boulder (in it's original place near the right corner of this pic.):

Another view of the effigy boulder.  Mark my words there are more effigy boulders just like this all over the place, alot of which are partially buried and obscured.  I have given coverage to similar boulders like this at other sites on public land that have not been cleared:

This is the blue stone with the slit in it found at the base of the boulder.  Could it be some kind of a plummet or weight?  I don't know if I saw this in Peter Waksman's Rock Piles blog or Tim MacSweeney's WakingUpOnTurtleIsland's blog, or somewhere else, but I remember seeing the other year that a researcher from down in Virginia or Kentucky (or maybe West Virginia) found an identical stone to this in one of those states and was asking if anyone else knew anything about such unusual stones.  Well, if that researcher is seeing this, here is another one:  

Another view:

Stone bench dolmen propped above the side of the vernal pool:

A nice place to sit:

That's all for the coverage of this site for now.  I am glad I could take people through this tour.  

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  1. The boulder was buried deep in the Earth, and I’m surprised that you discovered it. Not only that, but you took the time to dig it out and clean it. You did a lot of cleaning, which is no easy task. I can imagine how much your strength increased and balance improved by carrying the weight of all of the wood on your shoulders.

    Matthew Lawrence @ Kung Fu Philly