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Special Cairn Field & StoneWorks Part 1- "The Coiled Serpent Cairn".

Special Cairn Field & StoneWorks Part 1- "The Coiled Serpent Cairn".

I call this Cairn Field special because it is on private property and I personally un-earthed the stone-works myself, ever so meticulously.  I have been working to preserve these structures on the small plot of land since the summer of 2012.  I don't own the land, although this location is on family land.  On a side note my family does have Native ancestry from the Quebec region and Midwest region respectively, along with western European mix.  That's not too important for the purposes of this blog, however, although it obviously has facilitated my attitudes and sensibilities towards the Ceremonial Stone Landscape.  For instance, it can't be too coincidental that I have found many sites that were previously unknown to others, such as the shrine with the winter solstice alignment.  It is all part of a journey of learning, and to share through the proper ways what is out there with other folks so that we can better understand and preserve the world we are living in.

So this site that is on family land, I un-earthed myself.  For instance, this cairn is at the level, and even below the level, of the tree roots of the tree behind it.  I invited Peter Waksman and Curt Hoffman to have a look at this site.  They liked it.  I am glad to contribute whatever knowledge I can in a good way about some of what I know.  This first cairn I have referred to here as the "Coiled Serpent" cairn which is just one possible interpretation.  Let's have a look: 

A different angle:

Nice alternative angle of the head stone and also a nice shot of the altar:

Very serpent-like in these two pics.  A:


Again, nice angle of the head-stone and one can see what I mean how the stones on top spiral around in different levels, and how the stones on the ground look like the serpent's tail:

Close-up of the face features in the head-stone.  Can you see it?....

....Same pic as above but I have highlighted the facial expressions worked/ worn into the stone with the computer's "paint" app:

An unusually-shaped stone placed among the stones in the cairn:

The cairn at a distance looks to be more of a "pyramidal" stack of stone terracing around the boulder:

Part 2 will focus on another cairn that incorporates a bird effigy/ marker, a watch-man effigy and a summer solstice alignment.

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