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Special Cairn Field & StoneWorks Pt 3- More of the Cairn Grid

Special Cairn Field & StoneWorks Pt 3- More of the Cairn Grid

Shown here for our learning and appreciation are most of the other cairns that comprise this cairn field.  Peter Waksman and Prof. Curtis Hoffman also suggested that this whole grouping of cairns may be a "grid" that incorporates celestial alignments and archaeo-astronomy, a site that could possibly be measured for such things in the future.  This is likely a key element to this cairn field given the fact that Peter Waksman and other researchers at different sites have found such alignments with cairn fields before (which shows that the placement of cairns and rock piles is very deliberate as they line up with the horizon, constellations, relating to heavenly bodies, etc.)  Also as we saw in the last post there is an obvious solstice alignment occuring with the stone marker on top of the cairn that was shown.

Here we have another cairn that I carefully cleared.  Take a look.  The design of this cairn is very careful and deliberate.  I think on their website stonestructures.org Mary and James Gage looked at a similar cairn at another site that they suspect to be a Thunderbird or bird effigy.  In this case if this was a bird or a thunderbird cairn one could see the head of the bird (the middle top stone that runs off from the boulder platform- it is tilted in a profile position), the tail (bottom stone running off to the ground- a deliberate feature) and the body/ wingspan, being the other stones which carefully terminates in a staright line.  There is then a space with 3 stones that line up in a row.  View A:

It is a good thing that I cleared this cairn when I did because not only had leaf litter and soil grown up over it, there was also a small teenage tree growing right on top of it.  Through doing just a little clearing at a time I was able to cut the whole tree down including it's trunk and roots without disturbing any of the stones out of their place- a lot of careful "feeling" energy involved with the clearing.  View B- 

The cairn next to the first one.  Lots of special stones in shapes and colors:

A picture of the first 2 cairns of this post, they are parallel to each other:

A third cairn.  Could the stone in the middle front center be a turtle's head?  Possibly so- if this is the case than the turtle is carrying the prayers of the people on it's back, meaning that this rock pile is highly sacred.  There are Algonquin legends in the flood stories of the region that clearly states that it was the turtle who carried the people on it's back to safety during the cataclysm.  For a timeline of the flood/ cataclysm I am referring to I will link you here- http://www.ancientlights.org/tl1.html:

Cairn four.  View A:

Cairn 4 view B.  Close-up of an interestingly placed stone on the end:

Cairn Five.  This cairn has a ring or semi-ring of larger stones enclosing a pile of smaller stones placed in the heap.  Some of these stones have been smoothed and polished- some stone colors are white, orange, black and typical gray.  Again, the arrangement of the larger outer stones arguably looks much like a turtle motiff: 

Cairn Five again, view of the outer ring:

Cairn five showing the smaller stones placed in the heap:

Cairn six:

On top of cairn six, note the blue'ish oblong circular stone on the bottom right that has been smoothed:

Another view of the top of cairn six.  Note the spiral formation next to the oblong stone:

Cairn seven:

Cairn eight.  This cairn also has a semi-circle ring of stones around the smaller stones in the heap:

Close up of a sharpened stone inserted into cairn eight:

That's it for the cairns at this site.  There are a couple more cairns I excluded for the sake of being redundant.  Part 4 will concentrate on interesting Stone Wall features of Native origin.  

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