Saturday, March 14, 2015

Abenaki Creation Story + Thoughts On Propped Boulders

Abenaki Creation Story + Thoughts On Propped Boulders

Below is a link to the Abenaki Creation Story, spoken in the Wabanaki language.  The link is here-

This link actually ties in to the last post I made about large boulders moving themselves, when the Earth was in a more magnetized state, before Earth got knocked off of it's original orbit, lending to the orbital tilt in Earth's axis we are experiencing today (and have been experiencing for thousands of years).  This Abenaki oral tradition speaks of the stones moving themselves.  This is another example (of many) of indigenous knowledge preserving the events of the deep past.  Mainstream academia and scientists would be wise to heed this knowledge but instead remain reluctant to explore such notions, because they are too comfortable in their pea-brained paradigms the "control system" is pushing to come forth with any real knowledge worth benefiting the true human experience.  

I personally believe, and have evidence to back up [see sept. 2014 posts], that in some cases a Native tradition of propping boulders in certain key locations [alignments/ power places/ meeting places] occured, and in other cases, in a different era of Earth's history the rocks were more magnetized and moved themselves to places of high energy through the natural law of attraction.  Glacial dumpage has no doubt occured as well, but for the purposes of this blog/ my research I do not focus at all on glacial dumpage, unless if pointing out the ruins of a stone arrangement vs. glacial dumpage.

Propped Boulder perched on the edge of a ledge located in Sherborn, MA.  (this is a teaser of a site I will post more about soon.)  The glacial erratic theory does not hold weight when analyzing these propped boulders because they would have continued to roll off the ledge.  Also, a pattern is seen in that these boulders are always balanced on the edge of ledges, and that they seem to be oriented in like-minded manner.

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