Friday, March 6, 2015

Looking at Rock Piles In Holliston, MA.

Looking at Rock Piles In Holliston, MA. 

The other month I invited state archaelogist Curt Hoffman (who takes stone structures seriously) and senior rock pile researcher Peter Waksman ( of to come look at some pretty obscure rock piles and interesting stone features in Holliston, MA.  I led them through swamp-land and wet land, behind farms and private property to look at cairns and other sites.  This neighborhood is down the street from the College Rock/ Rocky Woods area, (which in turn is down the way from Echo Lake) which are filled with stone-works.  I see this neighborhood as a somewhat developed extension of these woods.  Curt plugged away and made notes of the data for his inventory list he was working on.  The stoneworks in this neighborhood also fill a void that that was between the College Rock area and the Miller Hill area (another place rich in stoneworks- all places I have covered before on this blog to some extent- College Rock, Miller Hill & this neighborhood), which I hope to strengthen the understanding of the continuous ceremonial landscape in this local area.  

Below are pictures, some that Peter Waksman took that are up on his blog, and some of my own pics.  Some of the sites we looked at that day I already covered in my blog, and others not yet, and there was one site that Peter Waksman sniffed out that I did not know about.

Here I am, looking at a split boulder with inserted stone fill wedge, one type of classic stone cairn in this area:

Here I am again, looking at rock piles:

Curt Hoffman and myself.  I am in the orange shirt:

An interesting cairn/ stone circle:

More cairns:

Curt leaping down from an interesting stone-wall, worked into a boulder, serving as the corner of the wall: 

Another cairn:

Stone cairn stacked on top of a boulder:

Noteworthy and interesting sections of stone-wall.  Definitley not a colonial or later stone-stacking method.  Archaic-looking: 

More boulders incorporated into the walls (or walls incorportaed into boulders).  Possible propped boulder in the background:

Stone cairn and passage (spirit path-way) over-looking one of the sites.  Simple, yet taking advantage of and modifying natural elements- in fact, elevating these resources to a higher natural standard (a lesson modern people need to learn) and rich in it's incorporation of cosmology, belief system, and the universe we live in:


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