Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tippling Rock- Mt. Nobscot; Framingham/ Sudbury MA.

Tippling Rock- Mt. Nobscot; Framingham/ Sudbury MA.

Mount Nobscot was one of my favorite places to hike when I lived closer to the Framingham area.  It is usually referred to as a large hill, although technically it is classified as a small mountain.  The Sudbury river passes by the general area a bit down the way from here, and there are many smaller streams meandering through the hillsides of Nobscot.

Although Tippling Rock is not the summit of Nobscot, it is high in elevation and has one of the best views from the mountain.  The Blue Hills/ Boston Skyline can be seen in the distance to one side, and Mt. Wachusett of central MA. can be seen from the other side.  There are the remains of a propped boulder, which is the "Tippling Rock" right at this vantage point, which was split and knocked over by a nearby landowner (I forget if this was 19th century or early 20th century.)  This was definitly a sacred mountain, which is indicated by names such as "the Nipmuc Trail".

The path to Tippling Rock:

Part of the Propped Boulder that was split which is Tippling Rock:

A view of the distant Mt. Wachusett in central Massachusetts:


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