Sunday, March 15, 2015

Milford MA. Site Pt 2 - Stone Mound, Wall Features + More

Milford MA. Site Pt 2 - Stone Mound, Wall Features + More

Large Stone Mound on the outskirts of last post's cairn field-


B- (sort of on the top looking down)-


D- Interesting boulder at the foot of the stone mound.  First of all, although barely visible, this boulder is propped.  Also, inspired by Tim MacSweeney's (WakingUpOnTurtleIsland Blog) paint modifications on pictures, I went ahead and did the paint app.  This is not the fancy of my imagination.  I drew over the contours and lines that were on the boulder (okay, maybe I added in a tongue).  If you look carefully you can see where these contours/lines are that I drew over.  Unfortuneatly, not being the biggest computer whiz I lost the original file of the un-painted picture, otherwise I would have provided a before/after comparison.  Anywhooz we have a Serpent's Head boulder placed probably 500 + (perhaps over 1,000 + years ago) at the foot of this Stone Mound.  It is subtle to see today, but this boulder was def. modified a very long time ago, giving it it's 3- dimensional serpent's head look: 

At the foot of the other side of the stone mound:

Walking down a ways from the first site.  A "New Age" construction?  Or old?:


An interesting boulder outcrop:

Interesting Stone Wall features.  Note the different shaped stones (see for more info on the significance of different shaped stones in walls & rock piles from an indigenous perspective)-

What Tim MacSweeney would point out as being a Rhombazoid shaped stone on the bottom left (it is also different from the other stones.)  Also the large "breaker" boulder in the wall is a significant feature:

Another "breaker" in the wall.  Notice how this boulder has been shaped/ chinked/ worked out- it is notched out using a pre-colonial method of stone-working.  So here we see symbolism in the stone wall-

stone marker, also notched-


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