Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Energy Surge Around 6 Foot Tall Standing Stone/ Magomiskook Ledge

Energy Surge Around 6 Foot Tall Standing Stone/ Magomiskook Ledge

As is usually the case a surge of energy was perceived at a stone site.  If you follow the blog you will see some other examples of this in various previous posts.

In this case, I was up by the 6 foot tall Standing Stone I had re-erected (in place- which is also a summer sun-set marker) up on Magomisquag ledge.  See previous posts for more on this Standing Stone.  What I saw up on the ledge that day was a rainbow spectrum in the sky.  Sorry, I do not have a picture of that. But, when I took a picture of the Standing Stone, it showed this beam of light (leaning up against the Standing Stone is my walking stick, made from twisted sassafras vine and soaked in linseed oil for a tough finish):

Also at the foot of the Standing Stone is a small boulder rocking stone.

Also, here is a rock cairn inspired from the Hopkinton Beehive near Lake Whitehall.  The original (and the replica of the original) are built up against a boulder.  This one is built on top of a boulder (a stone that had been quarried out when the quarrymen were in this area in the late 19th- mid 20th century).  Again, this whole ledge had been partially quarried, but is in a climatic spot of the area, with original stone-works all around the ledge.  I wasn't the first person back here to re-beautify/ clean up the spot, but I did finish the job and put in a lot of the work.  With that said, the rock cairn:

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