Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Youtube Videos- Larry Harrop's Ceremonial Landscapes Channel

Youtube Videos- Larry Harrop's Ceremonial Landscapes Channel

Below are links to researcher Larry Harrop's YouTube Channel (I have never met or contacted this person but he has amazing work).  Stunning visuals and scenery of the Northeast Ceremonial Stone Landscape.  If I'm not mistaken most of the pics are from MA., CT. & RI.  Larry Harrop definitely has some great material.  Check out his work:

1) " Larry Harrop's Slide Show" (about 22 mins) -

2) "Ceremonial Stones 2" (about 16 mins.  Some of the slides and pics are the same, and some are very different. all worth watching.)

3) "Hilltop Cairns" (about 4 mins) -

Thank you to this researcher, Larry Harrop, for sharing his work.

Stay tuned for some more YouTube videos in the next few days- I will be sharing the important research of Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson, concerning our ancient past, interviewed by Joe Rogen, followed by a great presentation by Santos Bonacci as we head towards the Winter Solstice.  In my opinion the knowledge these researchers share transcends cultures, communities, space and time.   

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