Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sherborn/Framingham MA. Standing Stone & Interesting Stone Walls

Sherborn/Framingham MA. Standing Stone & Stone Wall Complex

There are many ways into these woods.  There is a small entrance into them in Ashland off of Rte. 126.  When I worked in the Prodcue Dept. of the Ashland Shaw's Market many years ago, I used to ride my bicycle into these woods during my 1 hour break, sit underneath a prominent tree over-looking a wetland and meditate.  Other times I would continue to ride to the Market Basket Plaza by the Ashland/ Framingham town line, and eat lunch buffet at an Indian restaurant next to a Tae-Kwon-Do school.  In those days I was a vegetarian.  Although I am no longer vegetarian, I learned a lot about food from that experience (for instance, to drink Rice Milk instead of Cow's Milk, to spread Hummus on a morning bagel instead of cream cheese, to tolerate eating raw garlic, etc.) 

Anyway, lately I have entered these woods from the Sherborn side.  The site with the Standing Stone is wedged between the end of a train yard and some power-lines.  The Standing Stone is on a ledge, at the end of a stone wall that runs to the ledge.  The complex of Stone Walls at this site is also very impressive and I felt it could be part of the Native Ceremonial Stone Landscape as opposed to a later construction.  The Standing Stone attests to this.  Not too far away from here in Framingham is a lake that was important to in-land Nipmuc people in both pre-colonial times as well as the early colonial period.  But back to the site at hand, I took the pictures of the Standing Stone & Stone Walls in late November, around 3:30 in the afternoon.  I noticed a sun-set alignment with the Standing Stone:

The stone has a nice tip from this angle:

From this angle, an interesting two notch marks on the right side of the Standing Stone.  Notice the Stone Wall that runs to the ledge:

More Stone Walls sloping around the ledges:

Finding a site like this is what it's all about.  This site is also nearby to some swamps.

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