Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Magomskook Bird Stone

Magomskook Bird Stone

A very nice example of a bird stone effigy.  This was found sticking out of the side of a trail.  It was placed on top of a nearby boulder, to insure many things, such as- a hiker's dog would not defecate on it, and that mountain biker's would not pick the rock up off the ground to use it in one of their jumps (people like Joanne Hulbert have told the mountain bike association that uses these trails to not build their jumps with the stones of this area, but some do any-way.)

Overall, this is a nicely shaped bird stone, one of the best bird stones I have come across so far actually.  The shape is still of an abstract nature but very well defined.  I am still wrapping my head around some questions- such as- they WERE capable of making much more detailed effigys/ fetishes- just take a look at some of the back issues of the Massachusetts Archaeological Society's Bulletin or take a trip to the Robbins Museum in Middleborough to see some examples.  This leads me to conclude that these "specially shaped" abstract looking stones had something to do with observances/ the language of the land and people that modern people do not fully understand (let alone relate to).

Here are the pics of the bird stone:

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