Sunday, December 27, 2015

Standing Stone W/ Possible Marking

Standing Stone W/ Possible Marking

This Standing Stone was found in Milford, MA. around the Makomisquag Hill area where I have noticed many, many Standing Stones.  Obviously this hill was a Sacred NDN Hill, and I do believe there was a grid of Standing Stones (observation posts for viewing the sky/ country) all up and around these hills and ledges in Milford, MA.  Let's look at the pictures of this Standing Stone:

Notice the line marking near the center right of the stone.  Not the highest quality pic I realize but I do what I can.  It looks like the wingspan of a bird, with the birds' beak protruding in the center, with the wingspan dropping below the beak and also above it:

A table dolmen at the foot of the stone:

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