Monday, December 21, 2015

Video- Santos Bonacci- Physics & the Myths; Life & the Bible

Video- Santos Bonacci- Physics & the Myths; Life & the Bible

Although this video isn't directly about rock piles or stone-works, let alone in the American Northeast, it is about the science/ art of astrology and astronomy.  And to para-phrase Graham Hancock from last posts' video, when you have structures built that are aligned to certain points, than you know an astronomer was involved (such as the Upton Chamber aligning to the summer solstice, standing stones with alignments, etc. etc.)

Santos Bonacci is an Australian based researcher/ activist/ lecturer/ musician and is basically a modern-day renaissance man.  He recently served a 65 day prison sentence for refusing to pay road tolls. (for the same reasons I refuse to drive on the MassPike in this part of the world- built with taxpayer money and than they still toll you to travel on it.  In Santo's case he drove on such roads without paying the tolls until much interest was compounded against his "debt."  I just avoid such roads.  But good for him for protesting it and making it a public issue where he lives.)

Back to the subject at hand: astronomy and astrology are universal languages.  The science can be applied across the board, and it is obvious that people from their respective cultures understood these arts in their own way throughout the ages.  Listening to the lecture presentation, "Physics & Myths; Life & the Bible" will only strengthen one's understanding of these arts.  There is also a lot of applied symbolism and cosmology that can be gleaned from these arts- for instance, concerning StoneWorks of the Northeast, researchers Mary and James Gage go into the topic of symbolism on their website.  For instance, according to their research a triangular shaped stone found at a site may represent a certain protective symbolism.  But they never explain why.  Without ever getting into stoneworks, Santos Bonacci explains why in this lecture as he talks about astronomy, the "science" that was practiced by the ancients.  This is possible to understand. 

Link to part 1 (2 hours):

Part 2 ( 1 hr.):


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