Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dark Legacy Pt 2- Video Links, Listening to Native Leaders- Further Education

Dark Legacy Pt 2- Video Links, Listening to Native Leaders- Further Education

This part of the "Dark Legacy" series is meant to further educate and drive home points made in my last post.  We will be listening to Native leaders speak about modern issues, historical issues, connecting the dots between historical and modern issues, and we will also be hearing commentary and insight about the current situation of the modern world- the industrial complex, the military, banking and human energy will be topics of the last couple video links.

1) The first video link is Nipmuc Councilman and language educator David TallPine White, speaking in Hopkinton MA., being interviewed by the Hopkinton News (9 mins):

2)  Chief Velky of the Schaghticoke Nation (in Connecticut) and Sioux activist and AIM (American Indian Movement) co-founder Russell Means being interviewed in CT.  Chief Velky with insights about his people's stuggles, and Russell Means with many educational points (such as 14 million native people in the 48 states before 1492; mostly located east of the Mississipi river; only 250,000 native people on US census around the year 1900- the world's biggest genocide).  25 mins:

3) Russell Means interviewed by Alex Jones in 3 parts, "America Has Become One Huge Indian Reservation" (about 15 mins each):  Part A:



4)  John Trudell on the harvesting of human energy by the industrial machine, responsibility, what it means to be a human being (they have taken away the "being" part of the human experience, Trudell asserts), alternative (spirtual) energy and non-cooperation, religion as a mining tool.  When an NDN repeats him (or her) self, you'd better be listening up. (37 mins):

5)  Not specifically Native American but it ties into the aquisition of land.  "All Wars Are Banker's Wars" (documentary).  Think about it, folks, the very people that used to be referred to as the 'Robber Barons' are now being idolized to an un-questioning public- they even have a TV show on the History Channel about these criminals titled 'The Men Who Built America'.  In truth, they are the men that ruined national sovergeinty, if there ever was such a thing. (45 mins):


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