Saturday, February 28, 2015

Native Stone Wall Sections Pt 3

Native Stone Wall Sections Pt 3

Up on a bedrock ledge over-looking wet-land:

Panning out:

Section of stone-wall that crawls up the bedrock ledge, connecting the site from last post's third to last picture to this one (and now I realize the last 2 pics from the last post, which are not far away, paralells this same spot as if in symmetry, like two ends or wings of a site- sometime I need to draw a aerial pic of this site or draw over a topo map):

Back up on the ledge.  Cairn in background:


Cairn #1.  Look at the markings in the stone:

Cairn #1 View B:

Cairn #2.  Possible turtle or animal, head-stone on left.  In the background is a perched boulder:

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