Monday, February 9, 2015

Rare "U"- Shape Structure, Known As the "Hearth"

Rare "U"- Shape Structure, Known As the "Hearth"

Pictured here is a rare U-shape structure that researchers in the area (Milford, Hopkinton, Hoilliston, MA.) refer to as "the hearth."  Although it is uniquely different from the "winter solstice shrine" I had stumbled on to in the nearby area (see January 2015 & Septmeber 2014 posts), there are alot of similarities, and it is very obvious that these structures were made by the same hand so to speak, possibly during the same time period of the pre-colonial era- the aging on both structures looks remarkably similar.  
Both structures were built like a "U" shape, although the "winter solstice shrine" was built into a boulder, while the "hearth" is more stacked up.  Both structures have an added "wing" on the end of the "U" most notably to one side, with a similar shaped stone inserted into the wing.  The "winter solstice shrine" was built on flat land with a swamp to one side, while "the hearth" is built at an elevation over-looking water.  Both structures are obviously sacred monuments.

Let's examine the U-Shaped "Hearth".  This structure looks amazing from many angles:

Over-looking water:

This is what I mean when I say the "wing' of the structure at the end of the "U".  Notice the rectangular stone towards the bottom.  I have seen this design element before looking at another unique structure in the area, the "winter solstice shrine.":

The other end of the "U":

The middle of the "U":

The back of the structure.  Was it built up like this or was there a collapse?  Did there used to be a small chamber/ niche spot here?  Or is it stacked this way simply to get the front of the structure level?:

Back of the structure, again:

Viewing the shrine from a distance A:




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