Monday, February 16, 2015

Rocking/ Vibrating Stones & Propped Boulders

Rocking/ Vibrating Stones & Propped Boulders

This perfectly perched and balanced boulder on bedrock in the woods of Milford, MA. caught my attention from one of the trails.  When I went up to the stone I stood on top of it, and rocked back and forth.  The balanced stone, weighing a couple of tons, started swaying from side to side, echoing against the bedrock ledge.  I got it going good for a couple of minutes, and when I stopped the rocking the stone settled back in place, perched on the bedrock outcrop.  These stones are actually capable of sending a surge of power thru the human body and surrounding environment.  View A: 

View B, the sun having come up thru the clouds:

Another nearby propped boulder.  I think this may be an out-of-commission rocking stone:

On another nearby bedrock knoll, is this stone arrangement.  The egg-shaped stone on the left is another Rocking Stone:

A nearby propped boulder:

Another propped boulder, View A:

View B:

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