Monday, February 16, 2015

The Great Horned Serpent- Comparing A New England Site to a Ohio Site (Thank you Tim MacSweeney)

The Great Horned Serpent- Comparing a New England Site to a Ohio Site 

Tim MacSweeney enhanced one of my pictures I posted up using "Paint" application.  (His blog is  He basically enhanced the remains of a Serpent Wall to look like a Great Horned Serpent, a highly revered Algonquin deity.  Thank you for your enhancement, Tim.  Spot on.  However, this serpent wall is just part of a larger sight.  After noting Tim's enhancement to the picture of the Serpent wall, I began seeing a similarity between this New England Stoneworks site and the well-known Serpent Mound Earthworks site of Ohio.  Let us take a look at some pictures to see what I mean:

The first picture here, to grab your attention, is the enhanced photo of the Serpent Wall Tim MacSweeney enhanced using Paint application.  Tim went with a Great Horned Serpent motiff:

In contrast, here is the original pic of the Serpent Wall I took, the "ruin" that can be seen today: 

Just yards away, facing the head of the Serpent is this egg-shaped stone wedged between two boulders:

Another egg-shaped stone perched on the Native stone-wall (folks, this pre-colonial stone wall is just as rich as say, a pre-colonial Incan stone-wall):

A circular petro-form underneath the propped boulder (which was one of the boulders the egg-shaped stone was wedged between.):

Now, let us look at this picture of the well-known Serpent Mound Earth-work located in Ohio.  Notice the exact same symbolism- the serpent with an egg-shaped circle by the serpent's head.  The serpent's tail also makes a circular spiral:

Back to Massachsetts.  A hill-top cairn nearby (and lining up with) the Serpent Wall and the other associated stone-works:

This just goes to show how important the NorthEastern StoneWorks are- they contend with and hold as much weight and value as other indigenous works throughout the western hemisphere.

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