Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pics Of A Cairn Field Pt 1 (of 4)

Pics Of A Cairn Field Pt 1 (of 4)

This cairn field was along another hill-side.  I come across many cairn fields on hill-sides which are usually over-looking water (such as by Echo Lake), or what is at least today a swamp which is the case with this cairn field.  The features of the cairns are usually varied, although stone arrangements stacked on top of larger boulders is a common sight to look at.

This first picture is the remains of a cairn which is right by a trail-side.  The majority of this cairn field is down and up the hill away from the trail, and therefore most of the cairns have been left alone.  There are a few cairns at this site though, that are right alongside the trail and have therefore been played around with in more recent times.  This area is a popular mountain bike trail.  In the pic below, you can see that towards the bottom of the stack to the left, the stones were left alone in their original state.  However, most of the stones from this cairn have been re-arranged, at least thoughtfully, by someone who probably didn't realize what they were doing:    

View B:

Getting away from the trail the cairns are undisturbed:

Three cairns lining up at various intervals making up part of a larger grid:

Perched boulder on the hillside with a stone marker placement.  On the other side of the hill more cairns (such as the one from the first pic) line up with this placed boulder: 

A larger stone mound on the ground/ partly buried in the ground:

View B of Stone Mound (note cairns in the background).  Also note the thoughtfully placed circular curve along the corner side of the stone-work (in other words, it's not dumpage!):

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