Thursday, February 26, 2015

Native Stone Wall Sections Pt 2

Native Stone Wall Sections Pt 2

This is a beautiful classic.  A stone stack between two boulders.  The boulder on the left has been worked-out (modified) and is no doubt the head-stone of a serpent/ turtle:

Another turtle/ stone-stack effigy incorporated in the stone-wall nearby (a young, happy turtle):

Shell-shaped stones and unusual stacked stones along the corner of this boulder, creating an enclosure:

The other side of the boulder, again with the shell-shaped stone, also an unusually-shaped crescent stone:

This stone row on top of this boulder was part part of the greater stone wall site:

Notice the wall runs into the boulder, continuing on top the boulder (linking rock- to rock):

Coming up to a ledge:

These stones look split/ worked-out (nothing modern about it, though).  Another possible turtle-head on the right:

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