Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Beaver Brook Pt 2- Collapsed Structure & Hillside Cairns

Beaver Brook Pt 2- Collapsed Structure & Hillside Cairns

On the bank along Beaver Brook, is this jumble of knocked-over stones strewn about.  There are no modern quarry marks on these stones yet this is not a glacial dumpage.  These stones have been worked-out in different sized shapes and I am of the impression that these stones have been knocked over, indicating this is the remains of a pre-colonial native stone structure.  There are even shapes of stones that appear to be roof slabs for a Chamber.  After seeing photos of some of the structures at America's Stonehenge that were in a totally ruined state before restoration, I am pretty sure this is what I am looking at here-

Knocked over columns, possible roof-slab in the right corner of the pic (shown towards the center in the last pic)-

Roof-slab in the center-

On one of the sides where the entrance to the structure would have been, this Standing Stone is still in place, vertically in the ground-

Niche spot in the stone wall leading up to the knocked over chamber/ structure (a sacred object may have once been placed in such a niche, stolen by early explorers).  The tip of the standing stone is seen in the right corner-

A view from across the brook-

The adjacent hill-side.  Nice cairn marker-

The side view of what may have once been a stone effigy, perhaps the head of a turtle or a snake, over-looking the site-

View B of the head-stone-

Another adjacent stone-work, possibly another reptillian/ snake/ bird effigy profile over-looking the site with a knocked over stone/ column in the fore-ground (only the stone ruins remain, sometimes scarcely at that.  All the paint, adhesives and sometimes inscriptions are gone, either due to perishable material use or weathered away)-

Another cairn marker example-

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