Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sherborn Sites Pt 1- Sherborn Chamber

Sherborn Sites Pt 1- Sherborn Chamber

Compared to surrounding towns in the area, the town of Sherborn I have noticed is especially rural.  More so than Holliston, Ashland, Natick, etc.  There are many large colonial estates, expansive farms and woodland in Sherborn.  While looking for stone-works in this town this spring, I have felt the same ambience that Mavor and Dix described while investigating Calender 1 & 2 Bowl in Vermont.  There seems to be many significant cairns, stone mounds, amazing standing stones and perhaps even un-documented chambers in Sherborn waiting to be explored.  I feel that I am finally penetrating through to more Sherborn sites.  The whole area behind and around Rte. 16, Maple St., Brush Hill and Western Ave. in this town seems to be holding alot of secrets.  

Below I re-present an already documented chamber in the town of Sherborn that came to my attention-

Nice dry-stone masonry, and a rhombazoid-shaped stone to the right-

It was getting dark and I didn't have my flashlight, but you should be able to see a couple of the roof slabs (lintels)-

The side of the small knoll the Chamber was worked into or perhaps the knoll is an artificial construct-


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