Monday, April 20, 2015

Upper Beaver Brook Pt 3 StoneWorks

Upper Beaver Brook Pt 3 StoneWorks

Propped boulder/ cairn placement on the hillside.  A good candidate for a worn-out glyph inscription-

Rock on rock placement, possible turtle effigy-


View B of the cairn, revealing a turtle design (head-stone on the right)-

Another rock placement, possible serpent head effigy-

A notched out boulder on the hillside.  View A-

View B, revealing a upwards/downwards slash mark.  There is a mighty power in this symbolism, like a sudden flash of lightning.  There are historic accounts from the Great Lakes region that this symbol was used to express strength and power.  I have noticed this before on a standing stone in a site nearby to this one, here- (  There could also be more worn-out gyphs on this boulder, and we also know from the last pic that it is notched-out- 

Stone placements, part of a larger stone enclosure-

Part of the larger stone enclosure, which was hard to get in a picture-

Okay.  This modern water drain that was placed here, with nearby development around this place.  Notice the top stone.  It does not appear to be blasted from a larger rock (the edges are too smooth) nor does it look to be quarried or drilled-out.  Could it be that this top stone was already lying around the area, and the developers conveniently used it because it fit their needs?  Obviously we are in an area of a high volume of pre-colonial stone-works.  There is the possibility this top stone belonged to some now decrepid stone structure- 

View B of the top stone-

A very energetic boulder at an over-look-

the over-look-

A piece of quartz tool still laying around, placed on the boulder-

Another "crude" stone tool on the boulder- 

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