Saturday, April 11, 2015

Beaver Brook Pt 4- "Alpha" Mound (Mound C) & More Terraced Wall

Beaver Brook Pt 4- "Alpha" Mound (Mound C) & More Terraced Wall 

Mound C which I have decided to call "Alpha" Mound because it is the largest, and on the highest elevation compared to the other stone mounds along the upper banks of Beaver Brook.  Alpha Mound also has the most interesting and noteworthy features.  The mound is terraced, or perhaps spiraled in a "pyramidal" design, capped with an obvious pyramid-shaped Standing Stone at the top center of the mound.  There are also several hollows within the different terraced levels of the mound.  Here are the pics-

Top layer and Standing Stone-

Close-up of the pyramid-shaped Standing Stone capping the top center of the mound.  Do I detect a worn-out petro-glyph on this stone?  Even without modern environmental problems, New England's rain is slightly more acidic than most other places-  

The back of the top center Standing Stone reveals it to be worked-out in a classic "god-stone" or Algonquin Manidoo stone shape (Mavor and Dix, in "Manitou" compared this shape to the god-stones associated with Earthen Mounds in Ohio and other places) -

A cairn directly behind the Stone Mound C.  Did this function as an offering/donation pile?-

Stone Mound C from a distance-

Stone wall features, terracing a rocky ledge-

 Stone wall terracing-

Level 1 terrace, perhaps retaining the water from the brook, and Level 2 terrace running horizontally across the hillside-

Terracing levels-

Stone wall terrace 3, running vertically up the rocky ledge, w/ stone mound c in the background.  This is also the same stone wall section I posted here- 

Native people with an ancient stone-building tradition did this.  Same wall as last pic, running into the brook-

Stay tuned for Beaver Brook Pt 5- Water-works!  It only gets better...

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