Monday, April 20, 2015

Upper Beaver Brook Pt 2- Interesting Stone Wall Features

Upper Beaver Brook Pt 2- Interesting Stone Wall Features

  This section of stone wall ran along the base of a ledge.  Here is a interesting gap in the stone wall, a design element built into the stone wall on purpose-  

Next to the gap is this turtle effigy, carrying a stone slab on it's back.  I have seen this exact type of stone effigy in a stone walls before, featured several times already in this blog.  An example of one of many stone idols found in walls- 

View B of stone idol-

Snaking it's way around the ledge-

Running up the rocky ledge-

Looking down-

Vertically inserted stone slab in the wall-

An interesting stack of stones found on the rock ledge.  The remains of some kind of stone structure?-

The remains of a knocked over roof slab?  Here is another possible candidate for a ruined stone structure (this pic and the last pic)-

The other side of the brook.  Wall running up the hillside-

Lower level of the stone wall running horizontally, retaining water from the wet-land-

Development on the other side-

Interesting boulders and smaller rounded stones in this stone-wall section.  Newer house from the development in the background.  Almost looks like the rounded smaller stones are balancing on the bird's beak (boulder in wall)-

One of the several rock ledges along the brook-

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