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Sherborn MA. Sites Pt 2- Standing Stones Pt A

Sherborn MA. Sites Pt 2- Standing Stones Pt A

This post contains 2 sites with Standing Stones both in Sherborn.  

Site 1 of this post, on a horse farm, Standing Stone A-

A and B-


A again-

C (propped boulder arrangement but basically functioning as a Standing Stone)-

A, B, and C- (C is behind the fence)-

 Pic on top of a protruding knoll behind Standing Stones A and B.  One of the people who lived here was very nice and let me wander the property without bating an eyelash.  Thank you to this kind person.  My research at the Sherborn Library shows the possibility of more than one Chamber in this town (see last post), but it does not appear to be located at this farm, although this protruding knoll looked like a good candidate for such a site at first glance-     

Site 2 of this post, also in Sherborn.  A circle of Standing Stones.  The ancient origins of these Standing Stones is obvious, they have all been worked/ notched out with stone tools.  What is un-clear to me is if this is an original arrangement as such, or if a farmer collected all the Standing Stones around his property and arranged them at the edge of his property like this-

The center stone-

There appears to be a "Hooked X" above the central base of the Standing Stone.  Perhaps there is a third explanation for this circle of Standing Stones- the Knights Templar invaders (wrongfully portrayed as Vikings in the Hollywood movie Pathfinder) in pre-colonial times- 

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