Saturday, June 13, 2015

Holliston, MA. Site Pt. 2

Holliston, MA. Site Pt. 2

A Large Stone Mound with a large Propped Boulder placed at the crest.  New-growth/ leaf litter has partially obscured the rock pile.  A:

B- a hollow in the rock pile, a design element seen in alot of the Native stone mounds:


D- stacked stone against the boulder-

E- pink granite quartz stone, perhaps knapped out into a design-

F, a white quartz stone placement in the stone mound:

A second nearby stone mound also capped off with a boulder, smaller than the first:

A cairn nearby that seems to line up (at diagonal angle) with the other 2 cairns from the last post:

Boulder placement on a ledge:

Back to the stone wall/ retaining wall. A:

B- on the other side of the retaining wall is where the land drops off into the swamp on the right- 


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