Sunday, June 14, 2015

Holliston, MA. Site Pt. 3

Holliston, MA. Site Pt. 3

Around a series of ledges.  Near sites I covered on this blog before either Nov./Dec. 2014:

On top of a ledge.  What appears to be stone ruins (perhaps foundation stones) of possible structures: 

This was right on top of the ledge and looked like it could be foundation stones to some structure:

Looking up at the ledge:

Across from the ledge is this interesting pit.  It looks like an old Native food storage pit to my eyes, and these are known to exist in this area, with a couple massive food storage pits archaeologists excavated in the neighboring town of Hopkinton, MA.  As for this site in Holliston, there was nearby quarrying in the late 19th- early 20th century, but I have seen no indication that quarrying happened at this immediate spot:   

Another view of the pit.  I can't say it is an old food storage pit for sure at this point, but I'm taking note of it:


Close-up of one of the rocks on the cairn.  Although it looks like it may have formed naturally, I can't help but notice what looks like a petroglyphic image.  It looks like a man standing on a ledge or canoe holding either a bow or an atl-atl.  Also looks like there could be horned serpent imagery as well (the canoe he is standing on).  Wheteher natural or man-made this is an amazing feature on the rock:   

Some scenarey:

Unusually worked-out/ shaped boulder view A:


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