Monday, June 15, 2015

Hopkinton State Park (MA.) Stone Ruins Pt. 1

Hopkinton State Park (MA.) Stone Ruins Pt. 1

This site located in Hopkinton State Park in MA. goes above and beyond what people would describe as a cairn field.  True, what we are looking at in this site can be referred to as cairns, but more importantly, as far as this site goes, these cairns are also the stone remains/ ruins of enclosures and perhaps structures.  Since this site is large it will take a few posts to cover.

Pic #1 is a perfect example of what I mean when I say that these cairns are stone remains of enclosures.  This goes beyond a field of effigy cairns one might experience at another site.  These stone ruins in Hopkinton State Park were obviously originally built as enclosures/ structural support to what is going on at this site, with only the stone ruins visibal today:

The boulders, as can be seen in this pic; which in this case looks to be woked-out/ chipped/ modified, also play a role in the design of the enclosures:

Notice how all the stones in this cairn as well as others fit together like jigsaw pieces, but have come apart a bit due to time/ the elements.  Perhaps clay once held them together?:

Part of a stone row running the length of the hill:

The boulder that this stone wall terminates at can be seen in the background of pic #1:

Meandering/ unjulating down the hill:

There are many more great features at this site so stay tuned.  More to come in Part 2.

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