Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hopkinton State Park (MA.) Stone Ruins Pt. 2

Hopkinton State Park (MA.) Stone Ruins Pt. 2

This well- put- together cairn obviously also represents an effigy, with a very well-placed and well-defined head-stone with eye socket and mouth slit having been worked out.  Perhaps turtle, fish, or bird-like, although it seems more turtle-like.  [Note: One might even go so far as to say that it looks "Sphinx-like" in which case we have what should be considered "national treasures" (or at least respected as such) right here in Massachusetts]:

Close-up of the head stone which was placed tilting upwards.  Very gentle and dignified:

View C:

Another similar cairn in slightly rougher shape with a similar head-stone, with the eye-socket and mouth slit worked out on the head stone.  This one is looking more straight-forward:

The head-stone of this cairn looks to be a human face profile wearing a head-dress:

More cairns:

Another cairn that looks very structural in it's design. A:



Large cairn/ stone ruins in the background:

Close-up of the large cairn:

Some of these reminded me of the same kinds of cairns found along the hill-side by Echo Lake that I covered the other month.  
Part 3 of Hopkinton State Park coming soon.

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